After a rough week away, the Wicks need to keep the heat on as we begin the run into the finals. Third and fourth grade did it very tough last Saturday, before second grade just missed out on knocking over the top-placed Eastwood on the back of a very strong performance. First Grade redeemed the Club with a convincing win to propel them into third position on the ladder, and they will be keen to back that up with another big performance today.

The focus this week is on Parramatta, a Club that you must turn up to play and be prepared for the physicality that they always bring to the game. You should see a battle between the packs all day and hopefully you’ll see some more expansive rugby come out of first grade that we’ve been enjoying all season, today playing in the UNSW Nura Gili designed jerseys.

Thank you again to all of our sponsors and droves of volunteers and supporters who keep the Club ticking each week. With this being the second last time down at Coogee Oval for the year, I hope you enjoy the day and make the most of it.

Up the Wicks

Patrick Hodgetts

Club Captain

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30 June
Chatswood Oval
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