In accordance with the RDRUFC constitution Rule 16 - the following members have nominated for the 2019 Council

Name: Bob Dwyer (President)

Name: Ian Bonnette (Treasurer)

Name: Frank Back (Secretary)

Name: Stu Brown

Name: Richard Carmont

Name: Pieter Englebrecht

Name: Adam Freier

Name: Ian Kellaway

Name: Brian O’Sullivan

Name: Simon Poidevin

Name: Stu Rutherford

There was only one nomination for each of President, Treasurer and Secretary.

In accordance with rule 16 (4) - The number of nominations received are equal with the number of vacancies to be filled and as such are taken as duly elected.

In addition to the duly elected members of the Council, the following persons remain on the Council for 2019:

Voting Members:

Ian Kennedy as the Life Members Representative
Ben McCormack as the Club Coach

Non-Voting Members:

Jeffery Sayle as the Club Patron
James Glissan QC as the Honorary Lawyer

Next Game

6 April 2019
Coogee Oval
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