Our two years of research with the club was rewarded with an invitation to present at the 5th International Concussion Consensus Conference in Berlin in October, which is a huge achievement for our team and an endorsement of the club’s directors and coaching staff for their commitment to improvement and excellence.

This year we are trying to improve the testing of players, and conducted baseline testing at the club day last weekend at Latham with some of the students from the University of Sydney, Save Sight Institute, UTS and the Aust. College of Physical Education (ACPE) who’ll be assisting our research team.

Continuing our ground-breaking work with Randwick, our intention is to provide the BEST concussion surveillance and treatment at any level of rugby, and in 2017 will have a programme consisting of:

• King Devick (iPad) testing
• King Devick Balance (iPhone) testing
• RightEye Visual Testing
• Nucoria Visual Testing
• MRI brain scanning

• King Devick (iPad) testing
• King Devick Balance (iPhone) testing

• X2 Impact Sensor monitoring (first grade)

• RightEye Visual Testing
• Nucoria Visual Testing
• MRI brain scanning

As you can see, pretty comprehensive, and our thanks to Castlereagh Imaging who have come on board as a sponsor of the club to provide all our scans AT NO CHARGE to any player.

As part of this year’s research we need to know your concussion history in detail. We’ve made it simpler to provide this through the use of an online form, here: https://form.jotform.co/50466228477866
If you have already filled one of these in in previous seasons, you don’t need to do so again unless there have been significant changes.

We also need your written consent for the research and have provide information online as well here:
If you have already signed this at training, you don’t need to do so again.

Our intention and goal is to test every player, every week, and as you can image that is one HUGE task for our research team…….but we need your help too.

Please take the time to fill these in so we can look after you better, and those that will follow you in rugby and other sports.

I’d be happy at any time to discuss the research programme with you.

Kind regards

Dr. Adrian Cohen
e: ado@headsafe.com.au
+61 418 25 3333
PO Box 509 Bondi 2026

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