Thanks goes to Dave "Luna" Park for the report on his latest visit to Jeffrey at POW.

An OLD boat rower and rugby footballer who achieved at the highest level and carries the nick name of Snail.

As mentioned in last week's report Jeff has been a regular at the POW Hospital since last August.
This included a few weeks in ICU during January but he is now back in a ward.
Last time I saw him he didn’t look the best but that has changed as I spent time with him last Tuesday.
I am very happy to report he is not in the slow lane of recovery but has moved into the middle lane and looking all the better for it.
He is bragging that he went into hospital at 140 + kgs and now weighs just 97kgs, the new slim trim Snail back to his rowing weight.
There has been some funny comments from un-named members who are suppose to be 'so called mates', such as;

"They should stuff him and put him in a Museum as an example of a unique species”
“He is made of different stuff to the rest of us”
“He can give his clothes to Crowie”

So Snail still has a way to go as his mobility is limited, which the physios are working on, and he still has a meeting with the dialysis machine three times a week.
All your mates are wishing you a full recovery.


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