The Randwick Magic have an astonishing 20, yes 20! girls involved in this year's AON National University 7s competition.  Spread over four clubs, we have players repping Sydney University (1),  University of Canberra (1), Adelaide University (2) and 16 in the squad at Macquarie Uni Sydney Rays. This national record of involvement is a huge result for our Club and a fine result following on from all the National and International success the girls have had in the last 12 months. The Magic will playing a trial series at the Sydney City competition next weekend at Pioneers Park, Malabar, with all of our Magic girls in action. So we hope everyone can come visit over the weekend to visit.

Also preparing for the competition, our junior girls are getting ready to back up last year's wins and keep the SC7s title in Randwick. All ages are preparing enthusiastically and are ready to lift the trophies at the end of the tournament come Sunday 19th #uptheWicks #magickingdom #wickschicks

Next Game

3rd Grade NS Oval
Eastern Suburbs
19 August 11.40 am
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