Willie Lafolafo

6 or 8

Will Lafolafo

Nickname: Lafs

First Club: Papakura Sea Eagles

Occupation: Tree Lopper

Childhood idol: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Fav Movie: Hitch, Remember the Titans

In five year's time? I hope to be settled down, owning a property near the beaches and racking up over 100 games for the Wicks!

Pre-game routine? Drink plenty of water. I like to make sure the body is right and stretch any tight muscles. I turn up mentally focussed on my core roles for the team and ready to do battle.

Motto for life?  6 ethics of life -

1. Before you pray, believe

2.Before you speak, listen

3. Before you spend, earn

4. Before you write, think

5. Before you quit, try

6 Before you die, live

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