Valerio Ricci

Home Town: Rome

Age: 23

Occupation: Physiotherapy student

23 year old Valerio Ricci sounds like the ideal house-mate; he can cook, enjoys nature and is handy in the garden and, being Italian and hailing from Rome, can set you up with the perfect itinerary for an off-season jaunt to Europe. He probably knows the best tourist spots in Sydney too as his family have just visited Sydney for a month. Currently taking some time off from his physiotherapy studies, Valerio is enjoying the warmer Sydney weather, the beach and, happily for the Galloping Greens, running rugby. Whilst noting that the game down under is faster and less stop-start than what he is accustomed to back home playing for Unione Rugby Capitolina Club, the second-rower is keen to keep up with the challenge and pace of the Randwick style of rugby. When not training or playing with the Wicks, Valerio moonlights as a hen’s party waiter!
Valerio's pre-match breakfast choice is on-trend with Sydney's fav eggs, bacon and avocado on toast but he is also known for demolishing Weet-Bix dry with some water or tea during the match day and happily shrugs off laughter from fellow players wondering "where is the milk?!".
Loyal Italian, Valerio's rugby model is the captain of his national rugby team, Sergio Parisse, who Valerio describes as the complete number 8, a ball carrier with backs skills and a charismatic personality. Welcome to Randwick Rugby Valerio!

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