You may think this is not going to be an interesting read, but we guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised and learn something new about how you can help your community by the end of it! For quality, personalised banking in your local area please contact branch manager Pete Swan 9665 0099 to discuss your needs and how you can make a difference in your community at the Clovelly branch.

Top facts about us are as follows:

• We are called ‘The Clovelly Community Branch of Bendigo Bank’
• We are a philanthropic community bank
• We are the only bank of its kind in the whole of the Eastern suburbs
• Our charter is to give up to 80% of our profits directly back to support local community organisations such as Randwick Rugby Club

• We are located just up the hill at 222 Clovelly Road (opposite The Frock Exchange!)
• To date we have given over $1 million back to our community via sponsorship/ grant/ donations
• We have been serving the community for 15 years as a philanthropic bank
• We need your help to share this fact with the members and participants of your community groups
• We are run by a voluntary board of directors who give up their time to ensure the bank is run in an efficient, fair, cost-effective and professional manner
• The board operate this business as a franchise of the Bendigo Bank
• Long opening hours are 9-5 during the week and 9-12 on Saturdays
• Direct number to the branch (no call centres!) to speak to a staff member directly
• Long serving and knowledgeable bank staff (most of our staff have been here more than 10 years and know our customers and their individual banking needs like their own)
• Community connections to businesses and services over and above the traditional banking services
• We choose not to have an advertising budget as this would take funds away from our supported community groups. We therefore choose to rely on the community groups that we support and our customers to do our advertising for us and effectively do their best to market and advertise our community bank to their members and supporters
• We appreciate it when our community groups expose our bank to their members and drive more business to our bank
• The more business we do, the more profits we make and the more profits we have to give back to the community
• We are also an eco-friendly bank and we do not lend to companies for whom the core activity is the exploration, mining, manufacture/ export of thermal coal/ coal seam gas
• We have a strong environmentalist customer following as a result of our environmental ethos
• We are an ethical bank and do not put ATMs close to gaming machines

Our offer to members of our supported community groups:
We will give $400 for every home loan you refer to the Clovelly Community Bank that settles. This offer applies to any kind of home loan offered through our community bank.

We thank you for sharing our ethos and helping us make our community even stronger!

Please contact Pete Swan our branch manager to discuss how you can make a difference in your community at the Clovelly branch on 9665 0099

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